In Real Estate  Sales 

Since The Internet!

An interactive, highly compelling software-driven platform, Dreams (created by Israeli scientists and real estate entrepreneurs) presents every type of real asset in the context of dramatic imagery that reinvents the sales process, infusing it with irresistible appeal. 


to create love at first site.

Gone are the days of clumsy static property models, printed renderings and brochures. Dreams disrupts the outdated sales process and its related paraphernalia, instantly replacing it with a living, interactive, touch and go presentation that brings the property to life in an irresistible manner. 


and the buyer’s Dream fused into one. 


Dreams connects the presentation to a sophisticated CRM system that arms the salesperson with complete lead management from introduction to sale.

A “Dream” come true

It was during his intensive engagement with the Israeli Air Force flight simulator program, that Zeevi was struck by an epiphany that would lead, ultimately, to the creation of Dreams. 


If combat pilots could be experience a wide range of images and scenarios from a distance — all with great detail — why not offer the same advantage to real estate buyers. 


They could imagine their dream properties and then see those dreams unveil before their eyes. Anyplace in the world. 


Thus was the brainstorm behind

Dreams by BMBY!



“One that will prompt you to rethink all that you have believed in about property sales and marketing”

Joe Berko, President Nadlan center NY. President, Berko & Associates

“A total game changer for real estate sales.”

Micha Riss, President, Flying Machine - Branding Boutique - NYC

“it is nothing less than a revolution. A disruption. A profit machine. Absolutely, a “Dream” come true.”

Mark Stevens, CEO, A best selling author of “Your Marketing Sucks”

“Now the Israelis have applied the power of high tech to property marketing”

Inon Elroy, Economic Minister to North America - Israeli Economic Mission, NY

“This Makes everything we now do for marketing new development obsolete”

Asaf Bar-Lev, New Development Broker, Corcoran Group